Moura VRLA

The ideal battery for controlled environments.

Sublinha Moura vr1a

Better charge acceptance

Moura VRLA has a low internal resistance. This allows for a more instant current and great recharging speeds.

Model with front terminal design

Requires less space to operate. Greater energy efficiency,

Prolonged lifespan in temperatures up to 25°C

VRLA technology guarantees a longer lifespan when used in environments with a controlled temperature. Ideal for indoor applications.

VRLA/AGM technology

The AGM divider absorbs the electrolytes, allowing the battery to be positioned lying down horizontally. The VRLA valve controls the internal pressure of the gases, ensuring that there is no leakage in corrosive gases, which allows for installation close to electrical circuits.

  • Central telecommunication exchange
  • Medical-hospital equipment
  • Shop and supermarket tills
  • Oil platforms (offshore)
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