Moura Nobreak and Nobreak VRLA

Security, reliability and autonomy for your system

Sublinha Moura Nobreak

Greater Durability

Elements protected with high compression and efficient superior performance plates offer a longer lifespan.

Moura Nobreak VRLA

Sublinha Moura Break

Maximum Safety

The VRLA valve automatically controls the internal pressure of the gases and stops the emission of acidic fumes. The AGM divider ensures the retention of the electrolytes, allowing the battery to be positioned lying down.

Moura Nobreak

Sublinha Moura Break

Better performance in severe conditions

The grid laminated with an alloy highly resistant to corrosion ensures superior performance in severe temperature conditions.
  • UPS/Nobreaks/Stabilisers
  • Electronic surveillance
  • Security systems
  • CCTV
  • 24-hour cashpoints
  • Shop and supermarket tills
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