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Brazilian energy used by the world’s largest automobile manufacturers.


The Moura Flooded Advanced Range – MFA is designed for vehicles with larger on-board electronic systems, guaranteeing great equipment performance and handling.

Ilustração Increased safety
Increased safety

Built-in gas outlet and fireproof chip. Allows gas flow and prevents sparks from entering.

Ilustração Anti-tamper lid
Anti-tamper lid

Innovative roll over maze design that prevents leakage of electrolyte solution.

Ilustração Longer lifespan
Longer lifespan

An anti-corrosive alloy which ensures less recharge time and reduces corrosion of boards and connections.

Ilustração More efficient start-up
More efficient start-up

Positive laminated boards provide greater resistance to vibration and cycling.


Carros populares Veículo Station wagon Veículo SUV Veículo Picape
  • Popular Cars • Sedans • Hatchbacks • Pickup • Station Wagons • SUVs
Globo terrestre
Moura Guarantee

All of the Moura MFA ranges have an 18-month factory guarantee.

Original factory parts

Moura’s products are used by the world’s leading auto manufacturers: Fiat, Ford, GM, Volkswagen, Mercedes, Renault and Nissan.

Leader in south america

We have our own distribution network with over 80 facilities. Approximately 50 thousand retail outlets.



Moura EFB is a worldwide reference in performance


Designed to increase the safety and longevity of vehicles with Start Stop technology.

Ilustração High efficiency
High efficiency

It works in partial load state.

Ilustração Unbeatable durability
Unbeatable durability

Tested in world renowned laboratories.

Ilustração Better performance
Better performance

3 times more cycles.

Ilustração High starting current
High starting current

Advanced product design ensures maximum current transfer.

Moura EFB World reference in performance.


Veículo esportivo Veículo start-stop Veículo de alta performance
  • Start-stop vehicles
Garantia Moura
Assistência técnica
Moura warranty

The entire Moura EFB line counts on
24 month warranty.


Original factory part

Moura is present in the largest
the world’s automakers: Fiat, Ford,
GM, Volkswagen,
Mercedes, Renault, Nissan, Jeep,
MAN and Iveco.

Technical assistance

Own service network
specialized in all Brazil.



Your Moura products are now available for start-stop vehicles


Moura AGM batteries are ideal for high-performance vehicles which demand batteries with a longer lifestyle, such as start-stop systems.

Ilustração Extended lifespan
Extended lifespan

An advanced design for durability, with fortified posts, straps and soldering.

Ilustração More efficient startup
More efficient startup

An advanced product design which ensures maximum current transference.

Ilustração Better performance
Better performance

High resistance for tough operations, and 3x the cycle capacity.

Ilustração Low spontaneous discharge
Low spontaneous discharge

Ilustração Partial load state
Partial load state

Ideal for high performance and start-stop technology vehicles.


Veículo esportivo Veículo start-stop Veículo de alta performance
  • Start-stop Vehicles • High performance Vehicles
Assistência técnica
Moura Guarantee

The whole Moura AGM range comes with a 24-month guarantee.

Support guarantee

We have our own technical support network throughout Brazil.


Moura EFB and AGM last 3X more than a conventional battery

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