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As innovation is one of Moura’s main values, the group has created a new area of business dedicated to Lithium batteries. Moura’s Lithium Division acts in the development of products to meet the constant evolving market needs, with the quality and credibility which Moura has built during its 60 years history.


Lithium ion batteries present several advantages::


Moura Batteries focus is the production and commercialization of lithium batteries for::

Lithium Ion batteries, since their bigger energic density, are ideal for electric vehicles. Because it is a light metal, Lithium can store a high amount of energy in smaller spaces, guaranteeing bigger autonomy to electric vehicles.
Lithium Ion batteries have bigger service life and charge fast, providing elimination in the in turns changing batteries.
Lithium Ion batteries used in telecommunication towers offer competitive advantages because they have a bigger service life and high energetic capability, providing more energy in a small space. Other highlight is the security, these batteries have exclusive application for communication towers, which inhibits the improper use in other platforms.
Brazil presents big potential in Eolic and Solar energy. In order to make the control of the frequency of the distributed energy, investment in accumulators of electric systems are necessary.

The energy storage systems possess a wide range of applications in the electric area. Support the integration of Eolic and solar energy sources to the electric system is one of the applications with most potential in Brazil.

Main appliances:

- Stabilization of electric systems.
- Soporte operacional de redes
- Quality and reliability of supply
- Charge transference
- Support in the Integration of intermittent renewable energy

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