Energy you can count on.


For the best performance under severe usage conditions.


Superior Performance

Better performance under extreme usage conditions, such as high temperatures and severe energy supply conditions.

Low Energy Consumption

Removes the need to install a cooling system with air conditioning units.

CLEAN Technology

Saves energy and reduces CO₂ emmissions.

  • Telecommunications
  • Energy production, transmission and distribution
  • UPS/Nobreaks/Stabilisers
  • Refinery (onshore)
  • Oil pipelines
  • Electronic surveillance

Clean range. Leader in solutions at high temperatures.


The ideal battery for climatised environments


Increased Battery Life

Greater durability when used in environments with a controlled temperature (up to 25°C).

Greater Instant Power

Low internal resistance ensures greater charge loads and a high instantaneous voltage.

Easy Handling and Installation

The VRLA valve stops the release of corrosive gases and the AGM divider ensures the retention of electrolytes. This provides high resistance to leakage allowing the battery to be laid-down horizontally.

Maintenance free

The VRLA batteries are versatile for use in remote locations. Energy guaranteed.

  • Central telecommunication exchange
  • Medical-hospital equipment
  • shop and supermarket tills
  • Oil platforms (offshore)

VRLA Range. Maximum safety for your operation.

Moura Nobreak

Safe energy solutions.


Produced under rigorous quality control processes, the nobreak range benefits from flooded technology products and VRLA, supporting small and medium size stationary equipment.

Excellent charge acceptance rate

Maintenance free

High operational reliability.

  • UPS/Nobreaks/Stabilisers
  • Electronic surveillance
  • Security systems
  • CCTV
  • 24-hour cashpoints
  • Shop and supermarket tills

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